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Promotional Drinks - Branded Smoothies & Juice

* Premium drinks at competitive prices
* 100% pure fruit - no additives or preservatives
* Handmade to order for guaranteed freshness
* Digitally printed high spec labels

Ideal for conferences, meetings, product launches, spas, sports clubs, gyms, catering.

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Bottle: 250ml

  Cap Colours: wide range  
  Shelf Life: 21 days, refrigerated  
  Minimum Order: 100  

Strawberry & Banana

Mango & Passionfruit

Raspberry & Cranberry

Blackberry & Blueberry

Mango & Orange

Raspberry & Blackberry

Strawberry / Yoghurt / Honey

Strawberry / Mango / Yoghurt / Honey

Freshly Squeezed Pasturised Orange Juice